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NAGARA Annual Conference 2024

July 16th 2024 - July 19th 2024

1:30 PM EDT | 10:30 AM PDT

We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s 2024 NAGARA Annual Conference at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

As a Solution Provider, we look forward to this annual conference that brings together progressive thinking IG leaders and influencers in the world of practicing Information Governance.

Join us for both our speaking session and User Group:

User Group Meeting
Tuesday, July 16, 1:30 PM - 5:30PM EDT

Register through the NAGARA Annual Conference events page to gain access to the Preservica User Group. We hope to see you there!

Speaking Session

Wednesday, July 17, 3:10 PM - 4:10PM EDT

Exploring New, More Efficient Ways to Transfer, Preserve, and Publish Your Public Records

With the expected uptick in records requests and the need for extra transparency in election year it’s never been more important to ensure government agency, archives and records teams have efficient, standardized and secure processes for transferring, preserving and publishing long-term and permanent public records.

Over the last few years, the landscape of software and technology used across government has changed significantly, most notably the adoption of Microsoft 365 and the migration of legacy content into Microsoft SharePoint. At the same time records transfer and digital preservation technologies have also rapidly advanced to provide new faster and more automated options for the transfer, preservation and publishing of government records.

This session will use case study examples to explore new solutions that enable government agency, archives and records teams to more efficiently handle the transfer and long-term accessibility of records.

In particular, the session will cover how to:

  • Automate digital records preservation to align with state (or national) policies
  • Standardize the transfer of records from 100s of departments and agencies
  • Ensure adherence to metadata standards for records transfers
  • Securely transfer and digitally preserve records in Microsoft 365
  • Publish public records for citizen self-service – as part of single workflow
  • Rapidly transfer very large (100s of TBs) of records backlog

PRESENTERS: Mike Davis, Sr. Solutions Architect, North America, Preservica, and Ashely Large, Town Archivist and Records Manager, Town of Bedford