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Best Practices Exchange 2021

May 17th 2021 - May 19th 2021

12:00 PM EDT | 9:00 AM PDT

Preservica is excited to be participating in this year's virtual Best Practices Exchange on May 17-19, including a session from Preservica customer Transport for London (TfL). Please join us for the following sessions:

Bridging the Digital Gap: Transport for London's use of non-archive professionals to increase our digital access - Wednesday May 19, 10:00am MT

In the session, the Archives team at Transport for London (TfL) will explore how they are looking outside of the sector to bring digital skills and knowledge into traditional archival practices. Attendees will be introduced to the Bridging the Digital Gap programme run by the UK National Archives as both the TfL archivists and one of the digital trainees explain how scripts can be used to catalogue born digital records. The archivists will also explore how their experience with the programme has led them to build further relationships with digital trainees and experts outside of the sector and the influence this is having on the Service.

Presented by Tamara Thornhill, Zoe Fullard, and Ellie Peng from Transport for London Corporate Archives.

MoVE-On: The Future of Electronic Records Transfers in Government - Wednesday May 19, 1:20pm MT

Following the work of the CoSA MoVE-IT project, which analyzed highly successful examples of state and territorial agency-to-archives transfers of electronic records, this project seeks to further explore its conclusions and implications for the future.

  • How can archivists expand their understanding of the technological and recordkeeping context of agencies that produce permanent government records?
  • What approaches will engage centralized IT agencies to more actively manage the lifecycle of records in systems they operate and vendor relationships they manage?
  • Forget archival repositories, how can electronic records be adequately preserved while they reside in business applications, in vendor-managed cloud applications, or in enterprise collaboration and communication platforms?
  • What adaptations are archivists able and willing to make in policy, guidance, workflows, and capabilities to improve the efficacy and increase the frequency of producer-archives transfers?
  • Are archivists able and willing to work toward federated, enterprise-wide frameworks for digital preservation and access?

Presented by Nick Connizzo from CoSA and Lori Ashley from Preservica, Inc.