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Best Practices Exchange

April 29th 2019 - May 1st 2019

1:00 AM GMT+1 | 2:00 AM GMT+2 | 8:00 PM EDT | 5:00 PM PDT | 10:00 AM GMT+10

Preservica is delighted to be a sponsor of the 2019 Best Practices Exchange: New Digital Directions conference in Columbus, OH.

Be sure to attend our session presented by VP Product Management, Peter Anderton

Improving the Ratio of Information to Data in your Collection : Tuesday Apr 30, 11:40 AM-12:25 PM (EST)

Effective use of the information in your archive requires quick & effective discovery and easy access to the data preserved within. The Information structures that we inherited from the physical world are not suited for the new sources of information and manual processes are not scalable to handle the increasing volumes of digital data. In a collaborative approach by over a hundred user organizations Preservica has embraced challenge. This presentation shares the lessons learnt from the collective intelligence of our users.

We are also joining forces with CoSA as Preservica's Lori Ashley presents on the objectives, process and expected outcomes following the joint research initiative into the risks to electronic state government records from file format and technology obsolescence.

Collaboration Strategies for Transfer, Preservation and Access : Monday Apr 29, 4.05pm - 5.05pm (EST)

This session features the latest initiatives undertaken by the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) through their State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) to gather, develop, and share best practices and guidance materials to improve the creation, management, preservation, and use of permanent state government digital records and information in collaboration with key stakeholder groups. Highlights will include collaboration products and progress as well as an overview of upcoming survey research on capabilities and gaps related to interagency transfers of permanent electronic government records and publications to state archives and libraries.