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Connecting the past to the present through user engagement

October 9th 2018

8:00 PM EDT

We all strive to achieve great things in our roles, but having the right tools and being able to focus on our core responsibilities is essential to accomplishing more with the time and resource available. The ‘Be more. Achieve more.’ webinar series invites Archivists, Librarians and Records Managers to share their stories and inspire peers as they bring to life engaging project stories and demonstrate the value they have delivered to their institution utilising out-of-the-box digital preservation software.

In this webinar Angie White, Digital Resources Librarian at the University of Mary Washington (UMW), discusses the innovative collaboration between the marketing and archive teams to use historic images to engage and connect with UMW Alumni on Instagram. Angie also describes how wider online access to the University’s unique digital content has raised the profile of the library and archive, creating a streamlined user experience for students, staff visitors and researchers.