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Recording: Best Practices — Digital Preservation for Mod​ern​.Gov users

October 12th 2023

1:00 AM BST webinar

In an age where time and resources are precious commodities, the enduring importance of managing and preserving long-term and permanent government records remains a critical and important corporate objective for Local Authorities.

Watch this webinar where we discuss how to preserve your digital records and ensure you can provide evidence of council decision making in 20, 30, 50+ years time. Cassandra Pickavance, Digital Archivist at Dorset History Centre will share how she’s joined forces with the Council’s Democratic Services Manager, and found a way of moving critical Council records out of Modern.Gov and into the Archives Digital Preservation system.

Why watch? You will learn about...

• How to move records from Modern.Gov into the Archives

• Ensuring records remain accessible & readable over decades

• Stopping vital records from being deleted

• Potential cost savings with the move from Modern.Gov on-prem to cloud hosted

• How to ensure the long term access to records of your Council's decisions

• Risk Mitigation – ensure you can prove your decisions and protect from loss

We hope this webinar enlightens you as to the important connection between the Archives and a Council's Democratic Services Department, and why long term access to local government records is critical to protecting your organisation from loss.