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Using Preservica cloud-hosted digital preservation in Australia to future-proof your critical long-term digital information

June 13th 2018

4:00 PM GMT+10

Hear from Preservica and AWS in this exclusive joint webinar following the recent launch of the Preservica SaaS portfolio in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.

In this webinar you will: • Learn about the challenge of safeguarding digital content over the long-term • Understand why the cloud is an ideal choice for keeping your digital assets secure and accessible • Hear from expert speakers at AWS about how their cloud service meets durability, security, privacy, compliance and in-country regulations • Discover more about Preservica’s affordable SaaS portfolio – now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region The Preservica SaaS range includes options for dedicated private cloud hosting, an Active Cloud Escrow Backup service with a 100% data integrity guarantee, and ultra-low-cost preservation storage aligned to AWS prices. This marketing-leading digital preservation platform is already used by a large community of businesses, archives, libraries and government institutions across the US, Europe and Canada, and now provides Australian organizations with an affordable and secure way to protect and provide access to long-term digital content using in-country cloud hosting and storage. Speakers: • AWS: Simon Elisha, Head of Solution Architecture, A/NZ • Preservica: Michael Hope, Director Global Marketing