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From Innovation to Preservation and Back: How archivists can inform and protect the future of innovation

November 14th 2019

12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST | 5:00 PM GMT

While traditional corporate archives document the past, more companies are seeing the value of capturing current stories, voices and knowledge. As brands continue to invest in innovation departments to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster, the ideas and processes of innovation teams become increasingly important to their survival. For archivists, this is a critical area to consider documenting because it is in the intersection of the past, present and future.

Listen to Preservica and Enwoven for a presentation with the Chief Innovation Officer of Avis Budget Group, Arthur Orduna, as they discussed:

  • How archives can get support from innovation leaders
  • The main components of the innovation process
  • Types of valuable content archives should be collecting


Arthur Orduna, Chief Innovation Officer of Avis Budget Group

Nile Lichtenstein, CEO and Co-founder at Enwoven

Michael Hope, VP Marketing at Preservica