Synchronizing Axiell CALM with Digital Preservation : Practical Digital Preservation 2015 with ARA UK & Ireland

15 Apr 2015

This webinar is part of the Practical Digital Preservation 2015 series delivered in conjunction with the Archives and Records Association (ARA) UK and Ireland —  and will explore how Axiell CALM users are tackling the challenge of ensuring their digital content is properly preserved for the long-term including fully automated synchronisation of their CALM catalogue with their digital preservation system.

What you will learn: 

  • How other CALM users are tackling long-term preservation of digital content 
  • How to automatically synchronise CALM catalogue information with digital content and metadata held in a digital preservation system 
  • How active preservation safeguards digital content against loss, degradation, and file format obsolescence 

Who should attend:

  • archivists, collection managers, records managers and IT managers 

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