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Introducing Preserve365®: Transform how you Archive. Govern. Access. long-term records in Microsoft 365 with Active Digital Preservation™

Watch the recording of our exciting webinar on January 16th at 11AM EST/4PM GMT with special guests to celebrate Preserve365®‘s launch!

January 16th 2024

11:00 AM EST | 4:00 PM GMT

Join us and our expert panel for a session that will explore the challenges and importance of managing long-term records in Microsoft 365. With nearly 30% of Microsoft data needing to be retained for more than 7 years, the sheer scale of data to archive, govern and access is immense! Many organizations also fall prey to the pitfalls of using cold storage as archiving, instead of Active Digital Preservation that enables you to always quickly access and read your files in future friendly formats.

Hear from: