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DAM and Digital Preservation Systems: A New Partnership to Address Preservation and Presentation of Your Digital Collections

October 18th 2023

4:00 PM GMT+1 | 11:00 AM EDT | 8:00 AM PDT

Webinar Description:

Many organizations are ramping up their digital collection programs to enhance accessibility and share collections with broader audiences. But supporting digital collections can be complex and require multiple systems and tools to achieve objectives. Practitioners need to determine if one system can do it all or if that means accepting compromises.

This webinar will share how, by working closely together, digital asset management and digital preservation systems can address multiple priorities, including (but not limited to):

  • Serving the needs of multiple audiences, internal and external
  • Caring for and displaying a wide variety of digital formats
  • Easily soliciting content and assigning useful metadata to support discovery
  • Restricting access to specific materials
  • Contextualizing collections to aid understanding and improve engagement
  • Meeting web guidelines for accessibility (WCAG) and optimizing SEO
  • Ensuring digital content is still visible and usable in 20 years

Preservica and AM will discuss how, by working together in partnership, Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation technology and AM Quartex, a digital asset management system and website creation tool, allows users to effortlessly preserve digitized assets and metadata to prevent future loss and degradation; and seamlessly surface these materials in a visually dynamic and accessible digital collections website.

The integration uniquely supports the broad needs of digital collections and provides a best-in-class digital asset management and digital preservation solution for libraries and archives. Gain valuable insights into the integration and its use cases, including the synergies that brought these two systems together and an overview of how the integration will work.

You’ll also hear why this partnership is already capturing the attention of libraries and archives across the world, including Syracuse University and the University of Liverpool.

Register now to celebrate the launch of a new global standard in digital asset management and digital preservation.