Product Briefing & Demo: Developing a long-term digital preservation strategy for SharePoint content

21 Oct 2014

Secure and affordable long-term preservation of valuable digital records, content and collections is a growing challenge facing many institutions, government organizations and businesses.

In this webinar, we discuss and demonstrate how to automate the bulk export of content from Microsoft SharePoint into Preservica for long-term preservation – ensuring it remains safe, accessible and readable for decades to come. 

What you will learn: 

  • How other SharePoint users are tackling long term digital preservation 
  • How to ensure your SharePoint content remains accessible and readable for decades to come 
  • Demonstration of the automated bulk export of SharePoint files and metadata into Preservica for secure long term preservation 
  • How Preservica’s active preservation safeguards digital content against loss, degradation and format obsolescence 

Who should view the recording? Archivists, Records Managers, IT managers 

Start preserving your digital content today