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Architect Series: Active Digital Preservation in real-time – capture the present, not just the past

June 25th 2020

4:00 PM GMT+1 | 5:00 PM GMT+2 | 11:00 AM EDT

Our clients have been busy capturing and preserving content in real-time over the past few months, capturing important records as they happen, tracking changes in policy and approach, and preserving these for future enquiries and learning in the long-term – all whilst working remotely.

Find out how you can get started today, and be confident that you have a flexible active digital preservation system and strategy in place that will evolve with your business at this time of visible and rapid change.

Governmental organisations and companies such as HSBC, BT, Associated Press are protecting knowledge and empowering the business by capturing information in real-time to meet their requirements to preserve for governance and risk management, legal protection, organisational memory, brand history and employee communications.

Join us for the latest in the series of briefings designed for Architects, to learn how Active Digital Preservation will help your organisation to adapt quickly and rapidly protect vital digital information to learn from and utilise in the long-term.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn about:

  • Capturing history in “real-time”
  • Who needs it - including community examples
  • How to quickly get your project started
  • Evolving your digital preservation strategy for flexibility & scale

This event has been designed to educate our partners and potential partners, however as it is informational, anyone interested in learning about digital preservation is welcome to attend.

Please register for the recording using your company email ID. Thank you.