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Using your digital assets to strengthen your brand through corporate storytelling

November 27th 2018

11:00 AM EST

What if you could harness the power of those files to invigorate your brand, excite and inform your employees or simply tell your story to the world?

By harnessing the unified platforms of Preservica and Enwoven, corporate archives, marketing and HR teams can quickly assemble photos, documents, audio and video, that draw on authentic assets from the corporate archive, with contextual input from employees, teams, and leaders to create interactive stories designed to strengthen a brand, inspire new thinking and celebrate internal culture or milestone events to bring knowledge to life now and into the future.

Listen to the recording from our joint webinar, 'Using Your Digital Assets to Strengthen Your Brand Through Corporate Storytelling' and see how you can future proof your assets to leverage your story with the Preservica and Enwoven platforms by:

  • Collecting hundreds of file formats, stored in multiple locations into a single trusted environment, making them easy to search, find, assemble and render for storytelling initiatives supporting the efforts of the modern marketing and archive team
  • Migrating files to newer formats to ensure assets can be used and re-used over decades for on-going engagement
  • Bring once fragmented knowledge into a vibrant, engaging narrative while at the same time ensuring the longevity and integrity of valuable digital assets in an easy to use platform that can be viewed and shared by your employees and customers to engage them with your product and secure their loyalty to your brand