Product Briefing & Demo: Long-term digital preservation for CONTENTdm collections

28 Oct 2014

Secure and affordable long-term preservation and access to valuable digital collections is a growing challenge facing many institutions and organizations. 

In this webinar you will learn how other institutions are combining digital preservation and public access in a single system to ensure their valuable digital collections remain safe, accessible and more importantly readable for generations to come. 

The webinar will also include a live demo of our new connector that makes it easy to export CONTENTdm packages into Preservica for secure long-term preservation and public access. 

What you will learn: 

  • How other CONTENTdm users are tackling long term digital preservation and access to their collections — from a single system 
  • How to ensure your digital collections remain accessible and readable for future generations 
  • Demonstration of the automated export of files and metadata from CONTENTdm into Preservica for secure long term preservation and access 
  • How Preservica’s active preservation safeguards digital content against loss, degradation and format obsolescence 

Who should view the recording? archivists, librarians, curators and collection managers

Start preserving your digital content today