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Preservica Architect Series: The Relevance of Digital Preservation

January 30th 2020

4:00 PM GMT | 5:00 PM GMT+1 | 11:00 AM EST

You are already losing your data and you don’t even realise it...

Discover cutting edge preservation technology for protecting long-term digital information

Traditional approaches to archiving, ECM and eDRMS do not fully protect important digital information for the long-term. This is why organisations such as HSBC, BT, Associated Press and major National and Governmental Archives are protecting organisational knowledge and empowering the business with Preservica.

Join us for the first webinar in a new series of briefings, specifically designed for Architects, to learn how Active Digital Preservation protects information from obsolescence and ensures readability of content for decades to come.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn about:

  • Addressing the digital information challenge
  • Why active digital preservation is different to traditional approaches
  • Where preservation fits within the content lifecycle
  • Supporting your customers in avoiding data disintegration & loss of information

This event has been designed to educate our partners and potential partners, however as it is informational, anyone interested in learning about digital preservation is welcome to attend.

Please register for the recording using your company email ID. Thank you.