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Active Digital Preservation

Always read & trust your most valuable digital assets over decades

Keep assets in future-friendly formats while you sleep with fully automated Active Digital Preservation™ a patent pending technology, only from Preservica

Immediate access to actionable content

Always find, read and trust the records you need to meet FOI, compliance, legal, brand and cultural requirements

Instantly view and render 100s of formats

View legacy, obsolete and complex digital formats without needing the original application including Teams, Outlook, 3D, CAD, GIS, Websites and Social Media

Keep your content alive over decades

Set and forget. Keep assets in recommended future-friendly formats with fully automated actions aligned to your policy

Prove file authenticity and integrity

Preservica automatically checksums and identities every file, captures and preserves its full context and keeps an audit trail of every action

Fully automated Active Digital Preservation

  • Ensure ongoing usability & integrity of your content and records
  • Automatically identify, checksum and transform files at scale on upload or on a continuous basis
  • Transform files in alignment with formats recommended by our experts and the wider community
  • Easily create access copies to share online

Immediately access critical content

  • Quickly find relevant information with powerful full-text, Solr-based search

  • See original assets and all access and preservation copies in a single view

  • Maintain the integrity of complex digital assets made up of multiple files 

Instantly view & render hundreds of formats

  • Bring hundreds of legacy and obsolete files back to life, and open them without the original application

  • Render hundreds of file formats in-browser including text, images, audiovisual, captioned videos, website, social media, 3D assets and email files.

  • Easily view large, multiple-page assets such as TIFF and PDF files

Keep your content alive over decades

  • Stay ahead of changes in technology with continuous automated file format transformations

  • Leverage a continuously updated registry of thousands of file formats and hundreds of migration pathways

  • Easily create preservation and access copies at any time, and always retain the original file

  • Take advantage of a range of integrated tool sets, including JHOVE, FFMpeg, MediaInfo, ImageMagick, HandBrake and more

Quickly prove file authenticity and integrity

  • Identify, characterize and fixity checksum all files through fully automated and scalable workflows

  • Automatically capture the full context of files and assets for accurate preservation and renderability

  • Access detailed audit trails to show file provenance and user activity

  • Download proof reports at any time to review all preservation actions made to any specific asset

Align your digital preservation actions with industry best practice

Preservica digital preservation experts work with the wider community to provide input to the PRONOM registry. This ensures our automated file format preservation rules and actions are always aligned to industry recommended formats, tools and best practice

Innovating with the digital preservation community

Digital Preservation expert series

Learn how growing risks can be managed using sophisticated Digital Preservation technologies to help preserve the world’s digital memory.

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