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Automatically capture and preserve your unique digital archives for decades

Protect your collections with the world’s most trusted active digital preservation and archiving software.

Automate file preservation actions

Transform files on upload to preservation & access formats

Quickly add and enrich metadata

Enrich collections by adding metadata to improve discovery

Invite contributors to your archive

Securely invite & manage submissions from contributors & grow your archive

Give public online access to files and records

Engage visitors & enable interactive discovery with powerful search functions

Tomorrow’s living archive, discoverable today

Unlike traditional archiving, Preservica is built from the ground up with everything you need to preserve, flexibly manage and provide secure access to your unique digitized and born-digital content—all in one integrated and fully supported application.

Unlock the value of your digital artifacts, reach new audiences, and enrich your archive to stay more relevant than ever. Preservica is designed for ease-of-use by anyone, including public donors, non-expert users, content management systems and digitization programs.

Purpose-built for archivists in every field

Preservica protects the work of archival specialists across major industries. Find yours below and see how Active Digital Preservation™ can simplify workflows for your team.