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Drive efficiency with automated digital preservation

Lighten your load with Preservica. Our Active Digital Preservation™ solution helps IT Managers and CIOs streamline their workflow, ensuring secure access to critical information for decades to come.

Manage data & access

Quickly upload, store, and control access to your valuable content. Use our enhanced search functions to instantly find the files you need

Ensure long-term data accessibility

Protect your data from risks of format obsolescence. Preservica automatically transforms uploaded files into future-proof formats

Simplify your tech stack

Modernize and streamline your data processes, and achieve significant cost efficiencies for your team

Compliance, governance and sustainability

Easily adhere to compliance guidelines with a solution that adapts to the latest archival policies and security standards

Let Preservica do the work

Simplify your tasks with a unified and fully integrated digital preservation solution. Preservica is the most cost-efficient way for organizations to future-proof their critical digital assets, ensuring instant accessibility, security and compliance for decades to come.

Working in Microsoft365? Our Preserve365 solution is embedded into the Microsoft suite, creating a seamless workflow in your tech stack that automatically protects the information you create.

Why digital preservation?

Every organization has important information that needs to be securely stored for at least 10 years. By implementing a strong and consistent digital preservation solution, you can ensure your digital assets will always be accessible, readable, and usable for decades to come.

Made for all environments

Preservica was built from the ground up to help businesses and organizations achieve their most efficient digital preservation strategy. Learn more by choosing an industry below.