Information governance is your business – ignore it at your peril

Preservica CEO Jon Tilbury discusses in Information Management why the C‑suite need to take action to safeguard their vital long-term digital records. With warnings of a Digital Dark Age’ from Google’s Vice President Vint Cerf, digital preservation is rapidly pushing it’s way to the top of the C‑suite agenda.

With the arrival of Global Information Governance Day, it is a good time for corporations to take a hard look at the governance of their long-term digital records – or regret it in years to come.

With technology refreshing at increasingly faster rates, digital records that need to be retained for more than 10 years — or are already older than 10 years — are at risk of not being findable, readable or useable when required. This can have dire consequences — from substantial fines, to reputational loss, to an inability to reuse knowledge for competitive advantage.

This is one reason why digital preservation has been pushing its way to the top of the agenda for the C‑suite over the past 12 months. A growing number of large corporations are heeding Google Vice President Vint Cerf’s warning of an impending Digital Dark Age and taking action to safeguard their digital assets. However, the issue still needs elevating further up the C‑suite agenda”.… here to read on

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