Rogue One: digital archivists weigh in on the Empire’s shoddy approach to archiving

If you’ve been to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story you may not have noticed significant flaws in the Evil Empire’s Digital Preservation policy. Preservica CTO, Jon Tilbury, cleverly picks out ten flaws in a fascinating blog on the problems with the Empire’s storage — Read what Gizmodo UK have to say on the lack of policy displayed by the Empire below.

At it’s heart, Rogue One is a film about data: The Rebels want to get it, the Empire wants to keep it safe. And that really is the heart of the film. Having seen the film, we now know the real story of how the Death Star plans were first obtained — but was it really due to the hard work and bravery of a small band of rogues? Or was it simply because the Empire stored its data in a particularly stupid way?

Brilliantly, the folks at digital archiving company Preservica have written a fascinating blog post detailing all of the massive problems in the Empire’s data storage system.” Read more by clicking here.

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