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TownsWeb Archiving

TownsWeb Archiving specialise in the provision of cultural heritage digitisation services to institutions within the cultural heritage sector, working with some of the largest organisations in the UK. With both on-site and off-site digitisation services, TownsWeb offers high quality, solution focused outcomes for public and private archives, cemeteries, special collections, libraries and museums.

Services include the expert scanning and indexing of all forms of archival material into a wide range of flexible digital formats, as well as highly accurate data capture services in the form of Optical Character Recognition, Handwritten Transcription, Data Entry and Automatic Audio Transcription.

Through digitisation and data capture, TownsWeb facilitates and supports the conversion of old, precious, fragile and culturally significant collections, safeguarding their contents and opening up opportunities for access and discoverability.

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PastView is an online publishing platform built and developed specifically for the needs of the cultural heritage sector by TownsWeb Archiving. Offering tailored solutions and opportunities for the management and showcasing of digital collections. PastView comes with an abundance of diverse and innovative features that enhance digital archives, elevating visitor engagement and experience.

Offering uncapped scalable growth, PastView supports the development of digital collections, increasing opportunities for access and discovery. With secure access and data storage, as well as permission based accounts, PastView is proud to host collections belonging to some of the largest UK organisations, alongside many loyal and valued clients.

With the integration between Pastview and Preservica, clients have a repository for all their digitised and born-digital preservation needs that links directly to the PastView platform to allow innovative publishing and revenue generation options.

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