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Empowering your Organization with Digital Archiving Excellence

With more than 20 years of experience Van Kaliber B.V. is your expert partner in records management, digital archiving and preservation. We provide swift implementation, tailored training services, smooth migration and solid management consulting services. Together with Preservica, we're committed to safeguarding your digital heritage for future generations.

The partnership with Van Kaliber introduces a suite of expert services designed to ensure the durability, accessibility, and security of your digital assets:

  • Implementation: Seamlessly implementing information, archival and preservation systems, like Preservica, MS365 and Preserve365 ensuring compliance and efficient archiving.
  • System Migration: Shifting your legacy systems to secure archive repositories through our proven 10-step process.
  • Pre-Ingest Solutions: Leveraging modern tools, including our proprietary app Bitstop, to prepare, enhance, and upload your archive into Preservica.
  • Records Management: Establishing user-friendly solutions that comply with Archival and GDPR standards.
  • Training & Consultancy: Offering tailored training, advice and support to public sectors and highly regulated businesses.

Contact us today and discover the future of digital archiving and preservation with Van Kaliber and Preservica.

“As the digital landscape evolves, preserving historical records, vital information, and cultural heritage becomes an increasingly complex challenge. With Preservica and Van Kaliber your organization gains access to cutting-edge solutions, ensuring the sustainability and accessibility of your digital assets”

Marita Langerak, CEO Van Kaliber