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Colorado State Archives selects Preservica to protect permanent state records

Preservica has been selected by the Colorado State Archives (CSA) to preserve and streamline access to all mandated permanent records generated by Colorado government agencies, divisions, courts, special districts and other entities.

August 1, 2019

Preservica, the market leader in SaaS-based active digital preservation, has been selected by the Colorado State Archives (CSA) to preserve and streamline access to all mandated permanent records generated by Colorado government agencies, divisions, courts, special districts and other entities. The initial project will include more than 50 terabytes of audio recordings of the Colorado State General Assembly proceedings from 1973-2012.

Colorado State Archivist Aly Jabrocki is the driving force behind the state’s digital preservation efforts. “Access is central to the mission of the Colorado State Archives. We receive thousands of requests a year to access information within our archives and are required to provide the information asked for. Creating digital records with excellent descriptive metadata and searchability tools will enable researchers and archivists to find the digital materials they are looking for with ease.”

Historical photo of Colorado legislature from the Archives.

The CSA will begin its digital preservation work with the Legislative Audio Collection, the largest of the digital collections managed by the CSA. This collection is the primary resource for legislative historical research, particularly with regard to establishing legislative intent. Sessions were recorded on five different analog and digital mediums, and the CSA is converting the recordings to archival-quality digital masters. Once digitized, these recordings will be preserved for long-term access which ensures future readability despite changes in technology and formats.

“The focus of my role to date has been geared towards getting us to a place where we have a repository,” said Digital Archivist Aaron Davis. “The ultimate goal is to set up policies that give all of the State agencies the ability to ingest the documents that they need to preserve into Preservica. I’m excited by the opportunity to streamline the process and increase the rate of records intake.”

Aaron Davis, Digital Archivist for the Colorado State Archives

Preservica CEO Mike Quinn said, “We welcome Colorado as the latest state to join the growing community of U.S. state archives that entrust the digital preservation of their state’s history to Preservica. We look forward to meeting with the Colorado archivists and many other customers at our Global Users Group Meeting, which will be held on-site at the ARCHIVES*RECORDS conference in Austin.”

Today, nearly half of all U.S. State Archives use Preservica’s digital preservation solution. Colorado joins this growing community which includes; Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Preservica at ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019

At the ARCHIVES * RECORDS 2019 conference, Preservica will be exhibiting in booth #200. Preservica will hold its Global User Group Meeting on Friday, August 2, and participate in the following sessions:

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