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David Clipsham joins Preservica to accelerate digital preservation research

Preservica is pleased to announce David Clipsham as File Format Analyst, accelerating the roll-out of Preservica’s automated and embedded digital preservation software.

June 14, 2022

Boston, MA, Oxford, UK June 15, 2022 - Preservica, experts in active digital preservation archiving, are delighted that David Clipsham has joined the company as File Format Analyst to further strengthen its digital preservation research and innovation team, accelerating the roll-out of Preservica’s automated and embedded digital preservation software.

David brings over 10 years of deep domain expertise in digital preservation to Preservica, having previously been a technical architect working on the PRONOM registry and DROID file identification software while at the UK National Archives. David was also a Non-Executive Director at the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) working closely with the wider community on digital preservation research and file format analysis. His experience in both customer relationship management and technical support make him a great fit for Preservica.

Automated & embedded digital preservation

David’s appointment adds further depth to Preservica’s expertise in digital preservation and file format research, accelerating the roll-out of its active digital preservation technology that automatically ensures critical information is instantly accessible and actionable over decades - independent of the originating application.

Digital preservation is changing and users are demanding simplicity and automation. David’s unique set of skills and experience will help Preservica deliver better automated and embedded active digital preservation. Preservica’s automated technology began rolling-out to its Cloud and Enterprise users this week, with the release of Preservica 6.5. This new generation of Preservica’s software builds on its innovative data model, enabling the preservation of complex digital assets like 3D, Social Media, GIS and CAD, as well as investment in Preservica’s scalable and elastic SaaS platform.

Community outreach

David will work closely with Jack O’Sullivan, Preservica Senior Software Engineer and the wider innovation team on advanced file format analysis. This will include outreach and collaboration with customers, major institutions and the wider community to share best-practice and format research via the Preservation Action Registry (PAR) initiative as well as the creation of pre-configured preservation policies that organizations can select within Preservica to automatically maintain files in the latest readable formats.

The work is central to Preservica’s vision to make powerful active digital preservation a simple, seamless and embedded part of how organizations create, manage and protect critical digital content. This makes it especially important to maintain file format information and recommended preservation actions in line with best practice in a dynamic environment where best practice is constantly changing.

“I’m thrilled to join Preservica at an exciting time of rapid growth for the company.” Says David Clipsham. “I look forward to working with Preservica customers and the wider community to overcome existing and forthcoming file format challenges and ultimately to drive innovative improvements to the application platform.”

“David has deep domain expertise and is well respected in our field. He will help strengthen and accelerate our product and deliver on our vision of automated active digital preservation, embedded into content platforms such as Microsoft 365.” Says Jon Tilbury, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Preservica.

About Preservica

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