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Do your digital records have an expiration Date?

Will your Critical Corporate Information be Useable 10 years from Now?

March 23, 2016

Will your Critical Corporate Information be Useable 10 years from Now?

As Digital Preservation moves up the corporate agenda many are waking up to the fact that digital preservation isn't just about storing digital assets, it's about being able to find and use them as well as to prove their trustworthiness. Jon Tilbury, Preservica CEO talks to Information management about the new “Tipping Point” for digital content and the importance of preserving business critical records and unique company heritage.

"As companies think about their digital information and preserving both critical business records and unique company heritage, some data specialists are considering how they will store, protect and read digital files 100 years from now.

Yet, we’re finding that the “freshness” date on digital content may be closer to 10 years than 100.

All of this prompts growing in interest in the topic of data preservation. But many IT leaders want more information on what data preservation is all about" here to read on