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by David Portman

Global Futures: A look back at ARA 2016

Earlier this month the Archives & Records Association (ARA) held their annual members conference in Wembley, London.

September 15, 2016

An insightful few days in Archiving & Digital Preservation

Earlier this month the Archives & Records Association (ARA) held their annual members conference in Wembley, London. The event brought together archivists and records managers from across Europe, including many Preservica Users.

ARA Wembley 2016

The conference theme was focused on ‘Global Futures’, and it was clear that the ARA community continue to stride forward with enthusiasm towards a future that will ensure their valuable collections and records are preserved for the long-term.

For some organisations, legal directives mean that access to vital records and content is imperative, while others have valuable and exciting collections that they want to share for the enjoyment of all. Conversation throughout the event reflected the need for a living digital archive that harnesses value from protecting and providing access to digital information, whether for internal purposes or for the public.

A number of Preservica Users discussed their digital preservation projects in prominent speaking slots throughout the conference. There was standing room only for James Elder from BT, as he presented on the first steps in digital preservation and online access.

Following the announcement earlier this year that TfL would shift its corporate archive to the AWS public cloud with Preservica - Tamara Thornhill, Corporate Archivist, discussed the company’s approach and strategy in great detail, much to the intrigue of the audience. And delivering an inspiring keynote Tina Staples from HSBC referred to her global team of archivists who all contribute to 'HSBC’s living digital repository'. Tina went on to discuss their plans for creating internal access to content and records.

Preservica’s Mike Quinn and Martin Springell hosted thought provoking sessions highlighting organisations that are already creating value and raising the profile of their Archive. Martin’s highly rated workshop used practical examples to demonstrate the four steps to building a ‘living and flexible digital archive’, starting with ingesting content from different systems through to public access.

The Preservica team thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the conference and valued the chance to catch up with our friends at ARA. With a new and exciting Practical Digital Preservation Program to be announced later this month, we hope to see everyone again soon!

The Preservica Team