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ITProPortal: Digital preservation in 2016 — 5 predictions

Preservica CEO, Jon Tilbury shares 5 predictions for 2016 in IT Pro.

December 15, 2015

Preservica CEO, Jon Tilbury shares 5 predictions for 2016 in IT Pro.

2015 saw hot debate surrounding the long-term preservation of digital content, with Google’s Vint Cerf warning of a “Digital Dark Age” and some professors suggesting that important scientific research should be printed out. In this article, I discuss the next five trends in digital preservation.

Media and file formats will continue to become obsolete

Sony is planning the end of its production of Betamax tapes in March, but arguably the demise of Betamax as a media format has been one of the longest in history. Other more recent media and file formats are not set to have the......

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