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Network Rail: On Track for Cloud Archival

Network Rail has partnered with Preservica to create a cloud-based digital archive designed to actively preserve, and provide secure access to, vital operational information and unique digital assets from the history of the UK’s railway network.

February 20, 2018

Vicky Stretch, Archivist at Network Rail, speaks to Storage Magazine about engaging audiences through Preservica enabling them to discover both the history of the railways and Network Rails role in delivering a 21st century railway infrastructure.

"We're handling and preserving our records using Preservica to engage people in both the history of the railway and in Network Rail's role in delivering a 21st century railway infrastructure. Safeguarding our cultural and business records will ensure a high degree of access over time. It also allows our team to manage our information intelligently and efficiently."

Preservica's active digital preservation technology will ensure these critical information assets remain readable and usable over decades through active management and migration of files as older formats become obsolete.

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