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NEW: Quickly clear your backlog & grow your digital archive

A new, easy way to upload metadata & files in bulk — available to ALL Starter users

February 15, 2022

Clear your backlog in minutes

You can now upload multiple files with associated metadata in just a few simple steps - making you more productive and able to quickly enrich your collections, add context and improve online discovery for your communities.

Save time uploading multiple files in one go

You might have 100's or even 1,000's of files in your archival backlogs or sitting on hard drives, possibly for years - and all this time your content is at risk of corruption, loss and can't be easily shared and enjoyed.

Confidently grow your archive & enable online discovery

Starter provides you with a simple and secure way to take control of your digital content. In just a few steps you can upload multiple files with metadata - so you can rest easy knowing your files are safe, accessible and easily discoverable.

I’ve just uploaded my first batch with metadata - 41 tif images @ 368MB. Perfection. Thanks so much, this is huge for our small team.

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