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Championing Data Sustainability: Preservica’s Commitment on World Digital Preservation Day

November 2, 2023

Preservation extends beyond the physical world to the realm of digital assets, which carry their own unique challenges. At Preservica, we are proud to mark this special day by reaffirming our unwavering commitment to sustainable digital preservation. In doing so, we emphasize the vital role our Charter for Long-term Digital Preservation Sustainability plays in guiding our path to a more resilient future.

As we celebrate World Digital Preservation Day today, it's fitting to reflect on how digital preservation has evolved significantly in recent years, driven in large part by the rise of cloud-hosted services. In today's dynamic digital landscape, Preservica understands that digital preservation is more than just a short-term project; it's a long-lasting commitment that requires enduring partnerships and places a critical focus on "data sustainability" in our digital environment.

As we embark on a day dedicated to preserving the world's digital memory, we remain deeply committed to our customers and are continually exploring ways to transparently articulate our steadfast, long-term preservation partnership.

“The long-term stewardship of digital materials depends not only on the technical resiliency of preservation systems but also on the financial and organizational sustainability of these stewarding organizations and their service providers." - Oya Y. Rieger

That's why we have outlined our detailed Commitments in a Sustainability Charter, designed to assess the long-term sustainability and durability of digital preservation service providers.

A Pioneering Approach to Data Sustainability

Preservica's Charter for Digital Sustainability is not just a vague promise; it's a commitment backed by a rigorous review process. Independent experts from major institutions worldwide have thoroughly examined and endorsed it.

This Charter outlines a clear path to ensure that digital data remains secure, accessible, and dependable in the long run. It consists of seven core Sustainability Principles, each addressing different aspects. These principles include preserving data readability, enhancing software, maintaining service security and availability, fostering expertise, ensuring financial stability, upholding sound corporate governance, and minimizing environmental impact.

By publicly sharing our dedication to these principles, Preservica sets a new standard for the long-term sustainability of our technology, services, and company. This commitment benefits all our customers and partners, ensuring the preservation of digital information for generations to come.

The 7 Sustainability Principles are refined, reviewed and ratified by an independent Sustainability Council that includes representatives from major institutions and the digital preservation community from across the globe:

1. Data Sustainability: Ensuring Long-term Readability and Integrity

Data Sustainability addresses the long-term readability, authenticity, integrity, and portability of data. Data sustainability is at the heart of preserving digital content over extended periods, making it accessible and reliable for future generations.

2. Software Sustainability: Innovating for the Future

Software Sustainability is another vital principle. By working closely with users to develop and innovate software, we ensure that our preservation technology remains cutting-edge and adaptable to evolving needs.

3. Operational Sustainability: High-level Security and Continuity

Operational Sustainability is crucial for managing services with a focus on high-level security, privacy, and continuous availability. We are dedicated to maintaining Operations and Support teams that are proven and expert in automating the management of a global cloud-based service for 2000+ institutions across 50 or more cloud instances.

4. Knowledge Sustainability: Developing Expertise

Knowledge Sustainability involves the management and development of expertise and knowledge within our organization. We ensure at least 70% of our staff are in technical roles directly contributing to building a better product and staying at the forefront of digital preservation techniques and best practices.

5. Financial Sustainability: Ensuring Viability and Resilience

Financial Sustainability is a cornerstone for long-term viability and resilience. By maintaining financial stability, we can continue to provide reliable digital preservation services over the years.

6. Governance Sustainability: Practicing Good Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance, under Governance Sustainability, ensures ethical and responsible management of our organization. This principle guarantees that we maintain high standards of integrity and professionalism.

7. Environmental Sustainability: Measuring and Reducing Impact

Environmental Sustainability is our commitment to measure and reduce our environmental impact. We strive to be environmentally responsible in our operations and services.

Pioneering Digital Preservation for the Future with Data Sustainability

By publishing our detailed Commitments to all seven Sustainability Principles, Preservica is setting a new standard for ensuring the long-term durability of our technology, services, and company. This commitment benefits all our customers and partners in the digital preservation space. Furthermore, all our Commitments will be independently audited by the Sustainability Council, ensuring transparency and accountability.

As we commemorate World Digital Preservation Day, let us underscore the critical importance of data sustainability within the realm of long-term digital preservation. This commitment is the linchpin in safeguarding our digital heritage, and Preservica stands at the forefront of this endeavor. Together, we can uphold the legacy of our digital world.

Watch our webinar to discover how these principles shape the future of digital preservation and ensure data sustainability today, and download your copy of the Sustainability Charter & Principles along with Preservica’s Commitments HERE.