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2020 was a year like no other. Watch our short video to see how the Preservica user community responded to new challenges.

2 April 2021  |  David Portman

A day in the life of a county archivist

Preservica Starter edition user Rebekah Davis talks about her busy day as an archivist at Limestone County Archives, her typical roles and responsibilities and how her role has evolved over time.

22 February 2021  |  Rebekah Davis

From 1945 to 2020: Showcasing Transport for London stories from one defining year to another

We hear from Tamara Thornhill, Corporate Archivist at Transport for London (TfL) as she shares how the archive has shifted from physical to digital exhibitions to showcase their World War II collections on the 75th anniversary of the end of the war.

12 November 2020  |  Tamara Thornhill

Using digital preservation in real time to document the global pandemic for future generations

With the theme of ‘Digits: for Good’ for this year's World Digital Preservation Day - we’ve taken this opportunity to highlight the work of our user community, who’s diligence and enthusiasm for capturing events and data in real-time, will enable future generations to relive and learn from this historic chapter in all of our lives.

4 November 2020  |  David Portman

Digital Preservation at scale with Yaso Arumugam, CIO of The National Archives of Australia

In this guest blog Q&A, Yaso Arumugam explores the challenges of digitally preserving a collection of over 40 million items.

21 September 2020  |  Yaso Arumugan

Preserving content from closed systems part 3: Lotus Notes De-Commissioning and Preservation

The preservation of legacy information from a Lotus Notes Database, often during an application de-commissioning process, is one of the most complex examples and compromises have to be made to manage the process smoothly.

7 September 2020  |  Jon Tilbury

Preserving content from closed systems part 2: Digital preservation of social media

In my last blog I explored how online content management systems are making the preservation and trust of their digital content more difficult. In this blog I will use Twitter as an example of how this information can be preserved and how well-supported APIs make this easier.

25 August 2020  |  Jon Tilbury

Keeping on track: How Network Rail has documented the COVID-19 pandemic

David Portman reports on how Network Rail, a critical national service, enabling vital passenger train services for key workers, whilst also increasing freight traffic to get medical supplies, food and other goods around Britain are managing record keeping during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

19 August 2020  |  David Portman

Preserving content from closed systems part 1: Office 365 & Google G-Suite digital preservation challenges

Digital Preservation has always understood that information is complex but most practical implementations have worked with the concept that information is held in files that can easily be extracted from where they are created and initially consumed, and can be preserved in isolation from other files.

18 August 2020  |  Jon Tilbury

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