Lack of long-term strategy puts vital digital information at risk

Did you know that while 97% of information professionals understand the need for a specialised approach to preserving their digital information, only 12% are storing their files in systems specifically designed to ensure long-term protection and access? This gap has significant global, economic and societal implications.

Preservica partnered with the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) think tank to carry out new research into organisations’ long-term digital preservation strategy, and it revealed some surprising results.

The primary reason for respondents to retain information was for statutory, regulatory or legal needs. The research revealed that the majority of organisations do not have a coherent long-term strategy to protect their digital information, even though virtually all of them (98%) are legally required to keep information for ten years or longer.

Download The Governance of Long-Term Digital Information: IGI 2016 Benchmark report infographic to view the key statistics.

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David Portman

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