Protect corporate knowledge, heritage & brand value

Trusted active digital preservation for long-term business records and brand assets

Protect knowledge

Create a secure and trusted online resource of long-term strategic value to the business

Build brand value

Empower authentic brand storytelling, new product innovation and defend trademark infringements

Empower the business

Provide secure "self-service" access to critical records for compliance, litigation and corporate governance

Safeguard heritage

Ensure the integrity and usability of digital heritage assets over decades with active digital preservation

Preserving the present, not just the past

Learn how Amanda Noble, Archivist - Lloyds Banking Group, is using Preservica to actively capture and preserve the Bank's response in real-time.

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Tina Staples, Head of Global Archives, HSBC

“Critical digital information is being created every day, at high volume. Preservica helps us govern information over the long-term and integrates with our existing systems to give a single, cohesive view of our most important information assets."

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A trusted source of critical long-term business records and brand assets

Respond quickly to compliance and litigation challenges and unlock the value of your brand heritage. Ensure your most valuable long-term information is automatically captured, easy to search and always in a trusted format that can be read and used.

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Empowering the business

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Easily preserve and protect historically valuable social media records

Executive management, central, subsidiary, divisional and affiliate accounts posting press releases, speeches, statements, videos, images and commentary are creating records of historical value. To ensure these are protected and preserved forever requires Active Digital Preservation

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Preservica is trusted by leading brands and corporations around the world

The Absolut Company

“Our marketing team use a traditional DAM for our current campaigns and assets, however, we realized that we needed a digital preservation platform to create a company-wide resource that would ensure our unique heritage assets could be found and reused over decades.”

Lovisa Kragerud, corporate archivist & chief storyteller, the Absolut Company

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The Associated Press

“The corporate archive is an invaluable long-term resource for the Associated Press. With Preservica, people are astounded by the speed we can now provide information to the organization. That accessibility has proved to be indispensable and is really valued by our stakeholders.”

Valerie Komor, Director, AP Corporate Archives at the Associated Press

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British Telecom (BT)

"Digital preservation has been high up on the agenda, preserving our digital records to the same standard as our physical records is important because of the fragility of digital content - it's easy to think it will just carry on".

Anne Archer, Heritage Collections Manager at British Telecom (BT)

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Preservica's securely cloud-hosted active digital preservation platform is purpose built to industry standards - OAIS ISO 14721 - to ensure the integrity and usability of digital records and assets over decades.

Respond quickly to information requests with advanced full-text search

Streamline content capture with drag & drop upload and standard connectors

Rearrange hierarchy and enrich metadata to meet changing needs

Ensure the integrity and usability of records and assets over decades

Audit trails and fine-grained access down to individual asset level

Reduce costs with a secure cloud-hosted solution for all types of content

Protect confidentiality and meet GDPR and other Privacy obligations

Provide secure "self-service" for search and download across the business

Enterprise-grade private cloud

Take advantage of enterprise-grade digital preservation, integrated with your active directory authentication, without the costs and complexity of running your own data center.

For larger organizations with a priority on security and privacy, Preservica is available fully-hosted on a dedicated, private AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Creating a digital corporate archive

See how Transport for London built the business case for digital preservation and engaged stakeholders to identify and prioritize assets for preservation

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Automated content archiving

Automate the capture of content from common content management systems across the business with standard connectors

ry preservica's digital document archiving solution for free

Preservica Starter

Upload, preserve, organize and share your content and records online - in minutes