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Small libraries, archives, museums, educational and government institutions cooperate to preserve valuable digital information and obtain great discounts

Full digital preservation and access

Combine buying power for great discounts

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Learn and share with others

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If you belong to a group of three or more non-profit organizations with a common requirement to protect and provide access to long-term digital content, then you can combine buying power with our great consortium offer.

Working in smaller organizations means a lot of demands are made upon a small number of people. Collaborating with similar organizations in the digital preservation journey will enable you to share experiences, best practices and deliver a better service to your stakeholders.

Whether you are part of an existing buying consortium or wish to form a new community of your own, Preservica delivers the long-term digital preservation solution you need while offering significant discounts to like-minded institutions.

Some of our existing Preservica consortia include

Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA)

"Historically preservation has been in the purview of very well funded institutions or institutions that have special collections librarian, but Preservica is easy enough to use that you can get up and running quickly. With the consortium program it is also affordable for our member institutions."

Michelle Trumbo, Executive Director, the Legal Information Preservation Alliance

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The Fenway Library Organization (FLO)

“We had a pent-up demand for a true active digital preservation solution, and Preservica delivers value by safeguarding the digital assets of these colleges and universities and enabling secure internal and public access. The solution is affordable and manageable.”

Walter Stine, Executive Director of FLO

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Preserving government records

Find out how a group of UK Local Authorities are collaborating to safeguard and provide greater public access to their valuable long-term records

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Preserving legal records

Find out why the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) consortium chose Preservica to protect digital legal records

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