Preservica Cloud Edition Essentials for consortia

Libraries, archives, museums, education and government institutions work together to preserve your valuable digital information and obtain great discounts

Achieve success together

If you are a group of three or more non-profit organizations, with common requirements for long term preservation, then you can combine your resources and talents with our great consortium offer.

We know that working in smaller organizations can mean a lot of demands are made upon a small number of people. Working together, with similar organizations, means you can share experiences and best-practices as well as delivering an even better service.

In a Preservica consortium, each member can provide preservation and controlled public access, and receive training and support, at a lower price per member than can be offered to a single organization.

Organizational budget cycles can sometimes be challenging so we're ready to help meet your timescales.

Working together combines requirements, resources and buying power to access great Preservica discounts

Option 1: Multi-tenancy consortia

Each member of your consortium has their own Preservica Cloud Edition Essentials (CEE) with members combining buying power to access a great discount of up to 75%.

Your consortium nominates a lead organization to interface directly with Preservica for contracts and support.

Members receive their own Preservica CEE with individual storage, collection administration and individual secure access. Each member can link their collections to their own catalog.

Members and the public can view content through each member's Universal Access portal.

Option 2: Shared-tenancy consortia

Your consortium shares a single Preservica Cloud Edition Essentials (CEE) and combined storage to obtain a volume discounted price with small membership fees.

Your consortium nominates a lead organization to interface directly with Preservica for contracts, support, administration and data management.

Members contribute content through simple upload tools, to be curated and managed with the lead organization.

Members and the public can view content through a shared Universal Access portal.

Current Preservica customers can also create or join a Preservica consortium just by introducing two or more new member organizations.

Download and share our Cloud Edition Essentials for consortia data sheet

Ready to start your consortium?

Get together with at least two or more like-minded organizations and start benefiting from Preservica's long-term digital preservation, all at a great price.

Please fill out the form with your details, your consortium member organizations and preferred consortium option.

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