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Upload, preserve, organize and share your content and records online - in minutes

New generation Active Digital Preservation™ archiving & discovery

Quickly upload and safeguard

Immediately safeguard your valuable files in the cloud in alignment with NDSA and OAIS

Automate file preservation actions

Transform files on upload to preservation formats and view without the original application

Find, enrich and organize

Add metadata, rearrange collections and use full-text search to rapidly find what you need

Enable online discovery

Easily make your files and records available online through the built-in public portal

Powerful preservation, made simple

Preservica is equipped with everything you need to future-proof your valuable data, maintain file integrity, and ensure accessibility over decades.

Active Digital Preservation

  • Preservation actions on upload

  • Instantly view hundreds of formats

  • Ensure ongoing usability & integrity of your content

  • On-going automated transformation of files to recommended formats

Easy content & metadata upload

  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality

  • Automatically transform files into future-proof formats on upload

  • Upload multiple files with associated metadata in just a few steps

  • Easily invite others to contribute to your archive 

Access & Discovery

  • Share content online with colleagues or the public

  • Provide self service for records & research requests

  • Stay in control by setting files & folders to Private or Public

  • In-product customization to reflect your brand & mission

Secure & durable cloud storage

  • Trusted Digital Preservation aligned to NDSA & OAIS

  • Multiple data copies stored across multiple locations

  • Preservica solutions available (hosted on AWS or Microsoft Azure)

  • Get additional security with Active Cloud Escrow Backup

Flexible content & metadata management

  • Easily organize & rearrange your hierarchy

  • Flexibility to choose from standard templates or create your own

  • Save time by editing metadata for multiple files at once

  • Use advanced full-text search to quickly handle requests

Integration with Microsoft 365

  • Preserve365, an active archive embedded inside Microsoft 365

  • Automatically keep long-term information alive & comply with retention policies

  • Seamless workflow integration

  • Efficiently access archived records

Administration & Security

  • Keep up with changing security & retention policies

  • Easily configure user roles & permissions

  • Extensive data management tools for ultimate flexibility

  • Useful dashboards and custom reports for data insights

Explore by industry

Preservica is built from the ground up to help businesses and organizations protect their long-term information. Choose an industry below to learn more.


Protect corporate knowledge, heritage and brand value for decades to come.


Meet mandates and directives for long-term electronic government records.


Protect, share, and ensure access to institutional records over decades.


Preserve, flexibly manage and ensure secure access to your unique collections.

Culture & heritage

Protect culturally significant assets with a living archive to meet changing needs.