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21 lessons from 21 years of Digital Preservation

Celebrating 21 years of our Digital Preservation Technology

June 12, 2024

For over two decades, we've been laser-focused on Digital Preservation. We've embraced transitions from on-premise to cloud, supported a growing roster of verticals in their Digital Preservation needs and adapted our offerings accordingly with automation, advanced data models and seamless scalability in the cloud.

As Preservica celebrates the 21st anniversary of delivering version 1.0 of our technology, reflecting on our journey from humble beginnings to a thriving community is remarkable. Starting with just five people in a London hotel, Preservica has grown into a world-leading platform with a vibrant user base.

Today, it securely preserves data for nearly 500 customers and 4500 users in 25 countries and 4500 users in 127 countries across numerous industries, including cultural and heritage, Government sectors and IT and security.

Over these 21 years, we've gained invaluable insights. Here are the top 21 lessons we've learned about Digital Preservation:

21 Lessons Learned by Preservica Over the Last 21 Years

  1. Adaptability is Key: Embracing changes in technology and formats is crucial. Preservica has continuously evolved, transitioning from on-premise solutions to cloud-based systems to stay ahead in Digital Preservation.

  2. Community Building: Starting with a small team, Preservica now boasts a vibrant user group, highlighting the importance of building and nurturing a strong community.

  3. Innovation in Automation: Introducing automated Digital Preservation has been a game-changer, making it accessible to a broader audience and simplifying the preservation process.

  4. Scalability Matters: Developing scalable solutions that can grow with customer needs is vital. Preservica’s platform supports organizations of all sizes, from small institutions using the free Starter version to large enterprises with complex requirements.

  5. Diverse Industry Support: Expanding into various industries beyond cultural heritage, including IT and security, has demonstrated the universal need for Digital Preservation.

  6. User-Friendly Interfaces: Continuously improving the user interface to make it more intuitive has been essential for user adoption and satisfaction.

  7. Emphasizing Comprehensive Solutions: Providing a full spectrum of Digital Preservation solutions, including data models and format lifecycle management, ensures long-term viability for preserved data.

  8. Collaboration is Crucial: Working with various projects and stakeholders has enriched Preservica’s offerings and reinforced the importance of partnerships in driving innovation.

  9. Educational Outreach: Sharing knowledge and best practices through workshops, webinars and community forums helps users maximize the value of Digital Preservation tools and allows students to use systems for free – preparing the next generation.

  10. Robust Metadata Management: Enhancing metadata capabilities is fundamental for efficient and effective Digital Preservation.

  11. Recognition and Awards: Being acknowledged for innovation, such as receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, validates the hard work and motivates continuous improvement.

  12. File Format Expertise: Advancing file format characterization and migration has been a cornerstone of ensuring data accessibility over time.

  13. Preservation for All: Offering a free-forever Starter edition democratizes access to Digital Preservation tools, enabling smaller institutions to protect their digital assets, backing this up with a Starter Grant Program where this is needed.

  14. Cloud Integration: Leveraging the cloud for Digital Preservation offers flexibility, reliability, and cost-effective storage solutions.

  15. Continuous Learning: Staying informed about industry trends and emerging technologies is essential for maintaining leadership in the field.

  16. Customer-Centric Development: Listening to user feedback and incorporating it into product development ensures the platform meets real-world needs.

  17. Data Security: Prioritizing data security and integrity is critical, especially as Digital Preservation expands into sensitive industries like IT and security.

  18. Pulling Together in a Crisis: Reacting when COVID struck, providing free storage for those caught out by the sudden changes and moving as much activity online at short notice...

  19. Evolution of Digital Objects: Recognizing the importance of preserving not just static files but complex digital objects has broadened the scope of Digital Preservation.

  20. Sustainability of Digital Archives: Ensuring digital archives remain accessible and usable for future generations requires ongoing commitment and innovation.

  21. Celebrating Milestones: Acknowledging achievements and milestones helps motivate the team and celebrate the progress made over the years.

Join us in raising a toast to the 21 years and embracing the next two decades of innovation and preservation with Preservica! If you're inspired to start preserving your digital content, reach out today and join us as we pave the way for the future of Digital Preservation.