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Preservica simplifies archiving & Digital Preservation for Microsoft 365 customers with launch of Preserve365® in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

November 30, 2023

Preservica, a global leader in Active Digital Preservation™ archiving is pleased to announce that Preserve365®, its embedded archiving and Digital Preservation solution for Microsoft 365, is now in General Availability and available for free trial and purchase by customers and partners in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online marketplace providing applications and services for use on Azure.

Simplifying compliance and archiving for long-term Microsoft 365 records

Preservica has collaborated with Microsoft to launch Preserve365 to simplify compliance by making the archiving, Digital Preservation and retrieval of high-value, long-term and permanent records part of the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint experience.

This new embedded approach turns traditional information archiving on its head, enabling Microsoft customers to maximize investment in a single, unified information governance strategy across the full records lifecycle without needing to learn and use separate vendor specific compliance, archiving and discovery tools.

The solution also embeds Preservica’s unique Active Digital Preservation archiving technology to minimize the risk of data obsolescence by automatically maintaining long-term records in trusted readable file formats - ensuring they can always be quickly found and actioned over decades for FOI, compliance, legal, brand value and knowledge reuse needs.

Tanya Marshall, State Archivist and Chief Records Officer at State of Vermont added:

“A significant number of public records are created and maintained in State of Vermont’s statewide Microsoft 365 tenancy. Using Preserve365 on the customer Preview program enabled us to visualize a streamlined and seamless process for long-term Digital Preservation of permanent archival records – and with continued access by records creators – simply by applying a Microsoft retention label or selecting a file folder or individual record.

Manual processes are very labor-intensive. Automation using Preserve365 maintains the integrity of our records and provides an efficient and easy way for ensuring permanent archival records in our statewide Microsoft 365 tenancy are preserved and accessible ‘in-place’ regardless of legal custodianship.”

Atle Skjekkeland CEO, Infotechtion added:

“Preserve365 really changes the game. By embedding archiving and Digital Preservation into the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint environment Preserve365 provides organizations with a unique option for ensuring ongoing access to long-term records that fully aligns with their investment in Microsoft records management and discovery tools.

This greatly simplifies the challenge of automating the governance, archiving and Digital Preservation of long-term Microsoft 365 records at scale and makes it easy for business users to access archived records using familiar Microsoft tools.”

Archana Venkatraman, Research Director, Cloud Data Management, IDC Europe added:

“With a significant volume of critical long-term records and data being created in Microsoft 365 every day, CIOs need to re-think the way they automate, govern and archive data at scale as well as ensure ongoing access for business users by mitigating the risk of long-term data loss from the inherent threats of technology and file format obsolescence.

Considering archiving solutions that are part of the Microsoft 365 environment and help maintain records in readable file formats can simplify how long-term data is archived and eliminates the risk of non-compliance and inability to extract value for Knowledge Management and competitive advantage.”

Chris McNulty, Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft 365 at Microsoft Corp added:

“Solutions like Preserve365 help our customers maximize the value of their mission critical content in the Microsoft cloud, while ensuring compliance with long-term archiving, retention and security standards. We are pleased that Preserve365 is now in General Availability and available to Microsoft customers and partners through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. We look forward to continuing to innovate with Preservica for our customers.”

Mike Quinn, CEO, Preservica added:

“We are excited to launch Preserve365 following a very successful Preview phase with major commercial and government organizations. We are also excited that Preserve365 is available for trial and purchase by Microsoft customers and partners in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

With Preserve365 we have reimagined information archiving by enabling Microsoft customers to maximize investments in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft SharePoint permissions, labels, automation and discovery tools and at the same time minimize compliance risk by ensuring critical long-term records can always be instantly read and actioned over decades. We look forward to continuing to collaborate and innovate with Microsoft.”

About Preservica

Preservica is changing the way thousands of organizations around the world protect and re-use long-term digital information. Our unique patent pending Active Digital Preservation™ archiving software automatically keeps every file alive in future-friendly formats over decades. This means critical, high-value information can always be quickly found and actioned for FOI, compliance, legal, brand, knowledge reuse and cultural needs.

It’s a proven solution that's trusted by 1000s of corporations, archives, libraries, museums and government organizations around the world - including the UK National Archives, Texas State Library and Archives, MoMA, Yale and HSBC - to name a few.

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