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by Gareth Aitken

Digital preservation high on the agenda at recent Information Governance and Records Management conferences

How to protect and ensure the availability of long-term digital business information was a hot topic of conversation at three events Preservica attended in May.

June 26, 2017

How to protect and ensure the availability of long-term digital business information was a hot topic of conversation at three events Preservica attended in May. This theme is a clear reflection of the IGI 2017 Benchmarkresearch, which revealed that 80% of companies aim to realize direct business value from their long-term digital information. The research validated that nearly all (90%) organizations must preserve and protect their vital information to meet with legal, statutory and regulatory compliance requirements.

Here’s a quick roundup from the three events:

Managing Electronic Records conference, Chicago (7th-10th May)
The MER celebrated its 25th anniversary this year with a conference focusing on the operational, technical and legal issues surrounding lifecycle management of electronic records. The Preservica team helped facilitate a pre-conference workshop on protecting long-term digital information assets, drawing practitioners from several large banking, retail and pharma companies. We also held a pharma industry roundtable which gave us the chance to share the latest IGI research findings, and for practitioners to discuss their challenges and strategies for digital archiving and preservation.

Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) Summit, Chicago (10th-11th May)
2017’s CIGO Summit saw 75 senior-level IG leaders gather to network and strategize. The desire for effective lifecycle management of digital information assets was evident, as core business functions such as market analysis and product development increasingly rely on re-use and access to digital business information. The keynote focused on how to calculate the value of business information as an asset, reflecting an uptick in engagement across all industry sectors as organizations undergo digital transformations and face ever greater cyber-security risks.

Information and Records Management (IRMS) Conference, Glasgow (21st-23rd May)
At this year’s IRMS, Preservica gave a presentation highlighting the critical role that information managers play in enabling legal and regulatory compliance. The call to action for business-driven archiving and preservation strategies cited IGI research findings about the critical nature of ensuring usability and readability over successive generations of technology and information custodians. 100% of respondents to our on-site survey confirmed their organizations retain long-term digital records to meet regulatory, legal and statutory business needs.


Please take a look at the events and conferences Preservica will attend this summer. We would love to meet up to talk about your plans and requirements for protecting long-term digital information.