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by Alaine Behler

How to fill a public records request: Common Council committee meeting video

If you are a Clerk, Records Manager or Archivist for City or County Government in the US, our practical series of How to” videos are for you! We have compiled a series of videos, from our users in City and County Government in the US to share with us how they do common preservation tasks with Preservica.

November 9, 2021

Welcome to the "How we do it" Video Series

If you are a Clerk, Records Manager or Archivist for City or County Government, our practical “How we do it” videos are for you! We have compiled a series of videos, from users in City and County Government to share how they quickly and easily perform common electronic records preservation and access tasks with Preservica’ s solutions.

Five steps to fill a public records request

Transparency of government operations and decisions to the public is of the utmost importance. Sharing meeting minutes and videos are one of the ways that public sector employees meet compliance and open records regulations. A user from our Starter community, Brad Houston – Records Officer for the City of Milwaukee - walked us through his set up in Starter for an efficient way to respond to public records requests- using a Common Council meeting video as his example. Using Starter to preserve and share the video, Brad is able to:

  • Offer a timely response to records requests
  • Transfer files from dark storage
  • Transform large complex legacy file formats with ease
  • Digitally preserve permanent government records
  • Provide access to citizens via an online public portal

Brad covers the process in just a few minutes so please watch his walkthrough here:

Want more like this?

This educational series will regularly feature new video assets. Check back to see what’s new!

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