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Preservica v5.10 active digital preservation software adds bulk metadata editing, extended APIs and over 75 additional file format migration pathways.

June 21, 2018

Preservica v5.10 active digital preservation software adds bulk metadata editing, extended APIs and over 75 additional file format migration pathways.

Boston, MA US and Oxford, UK | June 21 2018 | Digital preservation specialist, Preservica, today announced the latest version (v5.10) of its market-leading active digital preservation and access platform. The fully supported and maintained single platform is available across Preservica’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise portfolio including Cloud Edition Essentials, Cloud Edition Professional and Enterprise Private Cloud.

Shaped by user group priorities and Preservica’s newly formed digital preservation Innovation Team headed by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jon Tilbury, Preservica v5.10 builds on a roadmap designed to enable culture & heritage, government and business organizations to create dynamic, living archives and empower digital archivist and collection managers to achieve more.

Working closely with customers, Preservica’s expert engineering team has delivered new features which include powerful bulk metadata editing adding to Preservica’s flexible “drag & drop” collection management to simplify updating and enriching descriptions across an entire collection or changing classifications of records (e.g. for GDPR).

The latest version also adds over 75 file format migration pathways based on extensive digital preservation research by the Innovation Team. The new pathways add to the hundreds already included with Preservica and increase preservation action choices for a wide range of image, Audio/Visual (AV) and Open Document formats.

The Innovation Team has also contributed to the new extended read/write APIs – a critical component in simplifying the automated acquisition of content from other systems. Future research plans for the team include working with Preservica users and the wider community to progress digital preservation, such as, new ways of sharing recommended preservation actions across the community, and the use of emerging technologies like blockchain and content classification using AI and Machine Learning.

All these new functions are in addition to the previously announced capabilities which make it easier for organizations to meet long-term GDPR obligations.

New features in Preservica v5.10 include:

Active Digital Preservation: over 75 additional file format migration pathways

The latest choices for preservation and file migrations with the most-recent tool versions including JHOVE 1.20 and DROID v6.3. New migration pathways include Real Media to MP4; CSV to ODS for Open Document spreadsheet preservation and presentation; presentation migrations to Web Ready MP4; migrations to TIFF for camera RAW formats; and migrations to JPEG for scientific research formats such as FITS and VICAR.

Living archive & flexible collection management

The new bulk metadata editor includes options for simplifying the updating, replacing, clearing and adding of descriptions to multiple records. User-defined white and blacklists make it easy to permit or prevent bulk changes to specified fields. Distributing preserved content with associated records of provenance is simplified with Dissemination Information Packages (DIPs) extended to include the full audit history. Users of metadata harvesting have greater knowledge of collection changes with file-level extensions to the OAI-PMH interface.

New API extensions

Enterprise and Cloud Edition Professional users have greater possibilities for integrating Preservica with existing organization applications. The extended REST API for content and metadata aligns with Preservica’s living archive focus, enabling the programmatic upload of files and reorganizing of collection hierarchies in Preservica.

Greater storage flexibility

Enterprise on-premise customers can now choose from a greater range of storage options with a generic S3 storage adaptor, compatible with many local and cloud storage solutions beyond Amazon Web Services (AWS).

GDPR enhancements

Pre-defined metadata elements relating to personal data enable clear classification of information while dashboard or on-demand reports show the types of pre-classified personal data held within Preservica. Security of processing is enhanced with the addition of two-factor authentication.

Jon Tilbury, Preservica CTO adds “I am really pleased to see our Innovation Team contributing to both the needs of today’s Preservica users as well as collaborating with the wider community to help shape the future of advanced digital preservation. Our vision is to empower digital archivist and collection managers to achieve more and excel in their roles by making active digital preservation business as usual, seamlessly integrated with the systems that manage and protect our most valuable digital information.”

Join Preservica for the v5.10 live demo special:

Thursday, July 12 2018 @ 10am EDT, 3pm UK.

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Preservica v5.10 will be released to all customers in July 2018.

Customers can view a webinar briefing on Preservica v5.10 on the User Portal.

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