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New Preservica for Local Government cuts records request times from days to minutes

April 9, 2024

Developed in collaboration with our government user community, Preservica for Local Government is a new purpose-built solution that enables County, City and Municipality clerks and record-keeping teams to streamline records workflows, quickly organize permanent digital records in one place and cut record requests times with fast online access for departments and citizens.

Save time. Serve your citizens. Meet mandates.

The free to get started solution comes with ready-to-go workflows for common local government records including Boards & Commissions, Vitals, Land & Property, Court, Engineering and Historical and a built-in citizen portal with one-click publishing for compliance with open meeting laws.

The solution also incorporates Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation software to automatically maintain the integrity, trustworthiness and readability of digital records over decades for assured fulfilment of requests and compliance with local laws for ensuring continued access to permanent records.

Records workflows at a glance:

Boards & Commissions - Invite Boards to quickly submit public proceedings, minutes and resolutions.

  • Comply with open meeting laws including Sunshine Act
  • Easily publish meeting records for your Boards & Commissions
  • Ensure public records are automatically preserved for permanent access

Court Records - Enable Court departments to securely self-serve the records they need

  • Quickly assemble Court records for new or re-opened cases
  • Easily upload and organize digitized records by Court departments
  • Automatically preserve to ensure long-term access

Vital Records - Ensure access to vital records and simplify routine research requests

  • Free up time by providing self-service to genealogists conducting research
  • Simplify routine requests for REAL ID applications & probate requests
  • Automatically maintain records in always readable formats

Land & Property Records - Safeguard the interest of citizens by preserving Permanent Land & Property Records

  • Help protect citizens against deed fraud
  • Save costs by replacing outdated microfilm processes
  • Provide access to preserved records

Engineering project files - Provide granular role based access to departments & agencies

  • Provide access from the field to large format paper plans
  • Control access permissions to specific records across all departments
  • Automatically preserve to ensure long-term access

Historical Records - Easily capture, upload, organize, and ensure citizen access to historical materials

  • Enrich engagement with your local community
  • Respond to records requests in minutes rather than days
  • Quickly publish to your own easy-to-brand public portal

Robin Heisse, Records and Archives Manager at Greene County, Ohio says “Replacing our legacy physical and digital media with digital preservation has made us far more efficient – cutting records requests times from days to minutes and providing easy, secure self-service for our Court and other departments.”

Start today – for free!

The great news is that Local government teams can start for free today!

And what’s more when you sign-up for the free edition you will also be enrolled on our new Government Records Education series where you can explore the fundamentals of electronic records preservation, see best-practice workflows in action and learn from fellow government clerks, records managers and archivists.

  • Cut records requests times to minutes

  • Streamline common records workflows

  • Drive efficiency with rapid online access to records

  • Serve your citizens and comply with open meeting laws

  • Replace outdated microfilm processes

  • Ensure continued access to permanent records

Go further: by adding Preservica's optional Preserve365 you can also quickly and securely transfer permanent Microsoft 365 records direct to your Local Government edition archive – all from within SharePoint – learn more

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