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New version of Preservica further simplifies and automates the digital preservation of collections and long-term records

Preservica v5.4 adds new connectors and tools to simplify and automate the ingest of digital content and collections for cultural, historical and academic institutions.

June 10, 2015

Preservica v5.4 adds new connectors and tools to simplify and automate the ingest of digital content and collections for cultural, historical and academic institutions. The release also gives government and corporate organizations greater control over the preservation, retention and disposal of long-term non-permanent records and emails with additional policy & classification support.

Washington DC, US and Oxford, UK | June 10 2015 | Preservica, a world leader in digital preservation technology, research and consulting, has announced the latest release of its Digital Preservation and Access technology, adding new functions to further simplify the challenge of ingesting, safeguarding and sharing valuable digital content and records over the long-term.

Preservica v5.4 adds new out-of-the-box connectors for Google Gmail and BagIt, plus an easy-to-use ingest tool for non-expert content contributors, that enable cultural, historical and academic institutions to simplify and automate the ingest of valuable digital content, collections, emails, and attachments for long-term preservation and access. The connectors make use of Preservica’s extensible framework for ingesting and unpacking digital content and metadata from different sources and systems, and add to existing connectors for Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, DSpace, CONTENTdm, Axiell CALM and Website harvesting. The easy-to-use ingest wizard allows a broader community of non-expert users to upload and contribute content under the control of the archivist or collection manager, for example, research individuals, business record contributors or exhibition, symposium and lecture managers. This adds to existing ingest tools for expert contributors, and the Transfer Agent for handling the upload of very large files (or collections of files) as a background task.

An important new enhancement in this release is the addition of policy and classification support for files and records held in Preservica. This gives government and corporate organizations automated control over the access permissions, retention, appraisal and disposal of long-term non-permanent digital records, and is part of Preservica’s broader roadmap and strategy to enable organizations to ensure vital long-term records (especially those with retention times greater than 10 years) are finable, readable and useable when required.

Jon Tilbury, CEO Preservica adds “The need for Digital Preservation, which has long been recognized by cultural, historical and academic institutions, is now crossing over into mainstream business and government records, in particular the preservation of vital long-term non-permanent electronic records. Preservica is playing a pivotal role in this challenge not just providing world-leading Active Preservation technology but also helping to address the wider challenge of how to make it easy for archivists, records managers and non-expert contributors to get valuable digital content into the repository in the first place. Having an extensible framework for ingesting and unpacking content and metadata allows us to very quickly add new out-of-the-box connectors for other catalogue, ECM/RM and email systems overtime. Our vision is to make digital preservation a seamless part of the overall information landscape”

All Preservica Editions (cloud and on premise) will include the new functionality, and will be available to existing Preservica customers through their regular maintenance and update program. The Preservica v5.4 release will be available from June 24 2015.

New features included in Preservica v5.4 (all Editions)

Preserve Google Gmail – email and attachments

  • Ingest Google Gmail mbox files into Preservica
  • Preserve emails, attachments and folder structure
  • Search using email specific attributes
  • View emails with attachments in a familiar format

Automated BagIt Ingest

  • Automatic ingest of BagIt bags
  • Preserve content, metadata and hierarchy

Preservica Upload Wizard

  • Ingest Tool for Non-expert content contributors
  • Simple 4 step ingest: choose content, pick destination collection, fill out submission form, click “go”
  • No knowledge of Digital Preservation or archiving required
  • Configuration centrally controlled by archive or collection manager

Policy and Classification support for Non-Permanent records

  • Automatically classify and set access permissions during ingest
  • Automate future actions (e.g. appraise, delete) based on policy rules
  • Search by classification

Preservica are also running a series of product briefing & demo webinars:

Preservica v5.4 Release Overview
Thursday, 18th June 2015, 10-11am EST, 3-4pm UK

Preservation & Management of Long-Term Non-Permanent Records
Showing new policy and classification support for non-permanent records.
Thursday, 02nd July 2015, 10-11am EST, 3-4pm UK

Online User Group Meeting: v5.4 In-depth briefing
Open to all Preservica CE, SE and EE users
Wednesday 08th July 2015, 10-11am EST, 3-4pm UK

Email Archiving and Preservation
Briefing and demo of the automated ingest, preservation and render of Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail emails and attachments.
Wednesday 15th July 2015, 10-11am EST, 3-4pm UK

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About Preservica

Preservica is a world leader in digital preservation technology, consulting and research. Our active preservation solutions are used by leading archives, libraries, museums, government organizations and businesses across 4 continents to safeguard and share their valuable digital content, collections and electronic records for decades to come.

The award-winning Preservica Active Preservation and Access technology is available in cloud hosted and on premise Editions and includes a full suite of OAIS (Open Archival Information System) workflows for ingest, management, storage, access and long-term preservation of digital content.

Preservica invests in many research initiatives in digital preservation and is a -respected member of many international collaborations with academia, archives, libraries and corporations at the leading edge of this emerging field.

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