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Bank of England

Meeting modern information needs for archival records

The Bank of England implemented Preservica Enterprise Edition to ensure the integrity, accessibility & continued readability of permanent EDRMS records which may be made publicly available after 20 years.

The Bank of England, the UK’s central bank, is focused on monetary & financial stability

Three challenges they had to address…

Mitigating the risks posed by aging digital system

File format obsolescence, not monitored by the EDRMS, posed a risk to the readability of important, yet ageing, records stored in this day-to-day system

Migrating 1 million records & ensuring their readability

Records nearing 20-years-old had to be migrated from the EDRMS & their readability guaranteed before a publicly committed timeline for making them accessible to the public

Managing a diverse range of file formats

A solution was needed for the ongoing digital preservation actions required for archival records spanning 80+ different file formats

We needed a modern and efficient platform that would ensure the integrity, accessibility and discoverability of critical Bank records permanently and to allow us to process the increasing amount of digital records in as automated a way as possible.”

Senior Archivist at the Bank of England

With Preservica’s Enterprise Edition the Bank of England can now…

Simplify the management of permanent records at scale

Achieve significant time savings by automating extraction & metadata processes for permanent EDRMS records

Meet commitments to release archives after 20 years

Ensure the continued accessibility, readability, & integrity of records whilst preventing unauthorised access

Keep pace with changes in digital preservation

Be ready for the future of digital records, changing digital preservation practices & the continued preservation of it’s history

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