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Tessella launches Preservica subsidiary business

New company formed from Tessella Archiving Solutions division will focus on rapidly growing digital preservation market.

OXFORD, UK | BOSTON, US | Tuesday 29th April 2014 | Tessella, an international, analytics, software services and consulting company, announced that its successful Archiving Solutions business has been re-launched as Preservica Ltd. (and Inc.) to form a separate, wholly owned subsidiary company backed by the Tessella group.

Alan Gaby, Chief Executive of Tessella said: The digital preservation market is growing rapidly as institutions, government agencies and businesses look for ways to securely preserve valuable digital content, collections and records for the long term. Launching Preservica as a subsidiary business enables us to increase our focus on maintaining our position as a world leader in this space”.

Jon Tilbury, previously Director of the Tessella Archiving Solutions division now appointed to Chief Executive of Preservica Ltd. adds: I look forward to leading the same team of digital preservation experts as we take this exciting next step in building our archiving and preservation business. Being a separate business, with Tessella’s backing, will give us the flexibility to rapidly develop our unique, active preservation products and technologies and work more closely with our customers and partners.”

Building on over a decade of experience in digital preservation, Preservica already has an impressive line-up of customers including leading pan-national, national, state, local and business archives and libraries across 4 continents. Preservica’s unique Active Preservation technology has also been a previous winner of the UK Queens’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Tessella’s Safety Deposit Box (SDB) on-premise digital preservation platform will become Preservica Enterprise Edition and will sit alongside an on-premise Preservica Standard Edition and a fully cloud-hosted Preservica Cloud Edition. All three Editions are built around the same Active Preservation technology and include a comprehensive suite of OAIS (Open Archival Information Systems) compliant workflows for ingest, management, storage, access and preservation of digital content. Preservica Enterprise Edition is also fully customizable to allow larger organizations to develop workflows that meet their individual archiving and preservation policies.

Preservica will use www​.pre​ser​vi​ca​.com

as its company website and center for digital preservation resources. Preservica will also soon be launching a major new version of its leading digital preservation platform as well as new low-cost starter plans for Preservica Cloud Edition.


Notes to the Media

About Tessella

Tessella is an international analytics, software services and consulting company known for finding and delivering innovative answers to the complex business and technical challenges of some of the world’s most forward-thinking organisations. We are innovative problem solvers, passionate about science and technology, committed to excellence, and to our clients’ success.

Our work includes some of the most exciting and ambitious projects of our time. These projects make the world a better place: increasing productivity in the development of new medicines; designing satellites to observe and understand our universe; harnessing fusion power to provide unlimited, clean energy; minimising risk for workers in harsh and dangerous conditions; and protecting the digital heritage of nations.

Visit www​.tes​sel​la​.com

About Preservica

Preservica is a world leader in digital preservation technology, consulting and research. Our active preservation solutions are used by leading archives, libraries, museums, government organizations and businesses across 4 continents to safeguard and share their valuable digital content, collections and electronic records for decades to come.

The award-winning Preservica active preservation and access technology is available in cloud-hosted and on-premise Editions and includes a full suite of OAIS (Open Archival Information System) compliant workflows for ingest, management, storage, access and long-term preservation of digital content.

Preservica is part of Tessella, the international analytics, software services and consultancy company.

Visit www​.pre​ser​vi​ca​.com

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