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Texas State Library and Archives Commission selects Preservica for digital preservation of essential government records.

Preservica Cloud Edition, hosted on Amazon Web Services GovCloud, will serve as the digital repository for electronic government records, including the extensive records of outgoing Governor Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in Texas history.

Washington DC, US and Oxford, UK | Wednesday February 04 2015 | Preservica, part of the Tessella group, and a world leader in digital preservation technology, research and consulting, is pleased to announce that the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) has chosen Preservica Cloud Edition, hosted on Amazon Web Services GovCloud, as the digital repository for historically valuable electronic records of government — ensuring this information is securely preserved and accessible long into the future.

Amongst the first digital content to be safely stored in Preservica will be the extensive records of the office of former Governor Rick Perry, including policy files, appointments, correspondence, press announcements, speeches, and over 10TB of audio/​video digital content created during Governor Perry’s 15 year tenure. Preservica Cloud Edition will also be the digital repository for the recently digitized recordings of the Texas Senate from 1972 to 2006. The agency hopes to begin accessioning electronic records from state agencies in the next fiscal year.

Jelain Chubb, Texas State Archivist, adds Defining our requirements and selecting a standards-based digital preservation system for our electronic government records has been a year-long project involving an extensive formal tendering process. Preservica Cloud Edition was the clear winner, not just in terms of meeting all our requirements but also based on the company’s excellent reputation and track-record with the other State Archives already using Preservica.

We were also impressed by Preservica’s ability and willingness to accommodate additional more stringent requirements from the Texas Department of Information Technology including encryption of data at rest and hosting on Amazon Web Services GovCloud.

All this, together with the fact that Preservica Cloud Edition conforms with the OAIS (Open Archival Information Systems) reference model (ISO 14721) and includes a module for providing secure public access, gave us the confidence that we were making the right choice for a trusted digital repository for the historical records of the State of Texas”.

Preservica Chief Executive Jon Tilbury adds, We are delighted that the Texas State Library and Archives Commission have joined the growing number of State Archives and Libraries using Preservica and the Amazon Cloud to safeguard and provide access to their important electronic government records. We also look forward to TSLAC’s contribution to the Preservica User Group to help shape the future of digital preservation and public access”.

Preservica Cloud Edition, which is hosted on Amazon Web Services, is available from just $3,950 per year and includes a full suite of OAIS (Open Archival Information System) conforming workflows for ingest, management, storage, administration, preservation and access to digital content, as well as all hosting, backup, operations, maintenance and support. www​.pre​ser​vi​ca​.com/​p​r​icing

In addition, Preservica and Amazon Web Services will be running a webinar on Tuesday February 10 2015 for CoSA (Council of State Archives) members that will explore the benefits and considerations of using the Cloud for Digital Preservation — as part of the SERI (State Electronic Records Initiative) training program.

Learn more here: http://​pre​ser​vi​ca​.com/​r​e​s​o​urces

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About Preservica

Preservica is a world leader in digital preservation technology, consulting and research. Our active preservation solutions are used by leading archives, libraries, museums, government organizations and businesses across 4 continents to safeguard and share their valuable digital content, collections and electronic records for decades to come.

The award-winning Preservica Active Preservation and Access technology is available in cloud hosted and on premise Editions and includes a full suite of OAIS (Open Archival Information System) compliant workflows for ingest, management, storage, access and long-term preservation of digital content.

Preservica invests in many research initiatives in digital preservation and is a well-respected member of many international collaborations with academia, archives, libraries and corporations at the leading edge of this emerging field.

Preservica is part of Tessella group, the international analytics, software services and consultancy company.

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About Texas State Library and Archives Commission

The mission of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission is to safeguard significant resources, provide information services that inspire and support research, education and reading, and enhance the capacity for achievement of current and future generations.

Learn more: https://​www​.tsl​.texas​.gov/

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