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Preserving content from closed systems part 2: Digital preservation of social media

In my last blog I explored how online content management systems are making the preservation and trust of their digital content more difficult. In this blog I will use Twitter as an example of how this information can be preserved and how well-supported APIs make this easier.

25 August 2020  |  Jon Tilbury

Keeping on track: How Network Rail has documented the COVID-19 pandemic

David Portman reports on how Network Rail, a critical national service, enabling vital passenger train services for key workers, whilst also increasing freight traffic to get medical supplies, food and other goods around Britain are managing record keeping during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

19 August 2020  |  David Portman

Preserving content from closed systems part 1: Office 365 & Google G-Suite digital preservation challenges

Digital Preservation has always understood that information is complex but most practical implementations have worked with the concept that information is held in files that can easily be extracted from where they are created and initially consumed, and can be preserved in isolation from other files.

18 August 2020  |  Jon Tilbury

Is COVID-19 a threat or opportunity for electronic government records capture, access and preservation?

The tsunami of data and the hard pivot to remote work and home school has stretched government information management capabilities to their limits. So, what opportunities and threats are associated with the deluge of COVID-related data?

14 August 2020  |  Lori Ashley

Preserving your information from digital disasters

As today’s organizations deal with massive amounts of information, there is a remarkable amount of data loss occurring.

8 June 2020  |  Andrew French


Coming together as a community to capture and preserve this unprecedented time in our history.

19 April 2020  |  Michael Hope

Some tips and ideas for digital archivists working from home

A few ideas from Preservica users and the digital preservation community on how to stay productive no matter where you might need to work from.

14 March 2020  |  Michael Hope

Our commitment to supporting you through the evolving COVID-19 situation

Preservica is closely monitoring World Health Organization (WHO) and regional guidance on COVID-19 and adapting how we work in order to continue to deliver the highest levels of service, support and training.

13 March 2020  |  Mike Quinn

Tales from the archive - a decade in review (episode 2)

Tune in for this special 2-part edition of our podcast series, 'Tales from the Archive'. We invited our favourite podcast heroes to join host Nathan Voogt to discuss the evolving role of the corporate archivist and archives through the past decade and into the next.

25 February 2020

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