Digital preservation and Preservica in the news

Digital dark age insurance? Associated Press (AP) team up with Preservica

The line between what’s history and what’s journalism is fine and fluid, says Valerie Komor. The AP’s approach: Save it all.

10 March 2016

Digital preservation - going beyond continuity and storage

The Role of the CIO in Safeguarding Digital Information

9 March 2016

Information governance is your business – ignore it at your peril

Preservica CEO Jon Tilbury discusses in Information Management why the C-suite need to take action to safeguard their vital long-term digital records.

18 February 2016

Transport for London partners with digital preservation specialist Preservica

Transport for London's partnership with Preservica as TfL shift 150 years of London history into the AWS cloud.

18 February 2016

The 10-year tipping point

Why companies should be concerned about what will happen to critical digital information in 10 years, not 100.

16 February 2016

Transport for London (TfL) shifts corporate archive to the cloud in digital preservation push

Computer Weekly features Transport for London (TfL)'s choice of Preservica and the Cloud for their new digital archive.

2 February 2016

Texas State Library and Archives Commission launches Texas Digital Archive

We are proud that TSLAC chose Preservica to safeguard their vital electronic State records, including using Preservica Universal Access to open up their digital archive to the public.

22 January 2016

ITProPortal: Digital preservation in 2016 - 5 predictions

Preservica CEO, Jon Tilbury shares 5 predictions for 2016 in IT Pro.

15 December 2015

Yale Libraries utilize Preservica

Euan Cochrane, Digital Preservation Manager at Yale University discusses the use of Preservica for the digital preservation of their unique and valuable digital collection.

10 December 2015

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