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Advocating for digital preservation through better corporate governance

Following last month's ICA SBA conference, Michael Hope discusses how corporate governance can be used to advocate for a dedicated digital archiving platform.

16 October 2019  |  Michael Hope

Rapidly approaching US Federal Government recordkeeping deadlines

Jason R. Baron discusses the looming deadlines for Federal agency electronic record-keeping and the implications for records managers and archivists at all levels of government.

26 September 2019  |  Jason R. Baron

Electronic record keeping in federal government

The latest insights from Jason R. Baron, NARA's first Director of Litigation and information governance expert.

15 August 2019  |  Jason R. Baron

Using digital preservation for brand authenticity and protection

Preservica has participated in the Henry Stewart DAM events for the past few years, most recently at DAM New York 2019 and there was a notable increase in interest in the use of digital preservation for the long-term reuse and provenance of digital assets.

25 June 2019  |  Mike Quinn

Digital Preservation futures: looking ahead to 2030….

Much of the discussion in the digital preservation community often focuses on the ‘here and now’. But how do we prepare for the future and the step changes we will undoubtedly see in the next ten years?

20 March 2019  |  Jon Tilbury

UB Archives: leveraging seamless catalog integration to provide discoverable content to the community

Sarah Cogley discusses how Preservica has enabled the archive team to achieve more: providing faster discovery times for users, seamlessly integrate with their catalog, ArchivesSpace, and providing greater online access to new audiences.

21 January 2019  |  David Portman

New year, new you? Achieving more with digital preservation in 2019

We’re back into the swing of a new working year, and the blank canvas of opportunity is stretching out before us. Make 2019 the year you kick-off or enhance your digital preservation program.

11 January 2019  |  Michael Hope

Library and Archives Canada’s journey of discovery: modernising our digital preservation infrastructure using Preservica

Sylvain Bélanger from Library and Archives Canada discusses operating at scale, the challenges of preserving high volume born-digital content & giving Canadians greater access to Canada’s continuing memory.

29 November 2018  |  Sylvain Bélanger

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