Meet mandates and directives for long-term electronic government records

Trusted active digital preservation and access for public records

Streamline capture

Streamline records capture with easy upload and automated website and ECM archiving

Boost efficiency

Respond quickly and accurately to public records requests with advanced full-text search

Enable public access

Provide secure public access for greater transparency and improved citizen services

Safeguard records

Ensure the integrity and usability of electronic records over decades with active digital preservation

Trusted by federal, state and local

The growing community of government organizations using Preservica around the world includes 21 US state archives as well as many city, county, state, provincial and national agencies.

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Essential Guide: Preserving Electronic Government Records

Explore how forward-thinking public sector organizations are taking steps to mitigate and protect electronic records by integrating digital preservation technology and good practices into their enterprise infrastructure.

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Massachusetts Archive

"It’s important that we have mechanisms and a system in place for us to manage the different characteristics of digital information in order to preserve it over the long-term - our digital preservation system accomplishes that for us."

Alejandra Dean, Assistant Digital Records Archivist, Massachusetts Archives

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NAGARA Strategic Partner

Preservica is proud to support NAGARA's mission to promote best practice in the use and management of federal, state and local government records.

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Comply with mandates for preserving permanent social media records

Twitter posts from elected officials, and key government agencies containing press releases, speeches, statements, videos, images and commentary on important topics need to be accessible in perpetuity. This requires Active Digital Preservation

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A how-to video series for Government

Records Managers and Archivists in City and County Government share how they quickly and easily perform common electronic records preservation and access tasks with Preservica's solutions.

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Preservica's cloud-hosted active digital preservation platform is purpose built to industry standards - OAIS ISO 14721 - to ensure the integrity and usability of electronic records over decades

Respond to public records requests with advanced full-text search

Ensure the integrity and usability of electronic records over decades

Provide secure controlled access down to an individual record level

Streamline records capture with automated website and ECM archiving

Reduce costs with cloud hosted solution for all types of digital records

Enrich and harmonize records metadata overtime to meet changing needs

Protect confidentiality and meet GDPR and other Privacy regulations

Enable public access for transparency and improved citizen services

Preservica has been certified for the very highest levels of security, reliability and performance for government workloads as an AWS Government Competency and Microsoft Azure partner.

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Preservica for the public sector

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UK government

See how Preservica is helping UK government institutions meet obligations for long-term records

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