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Tell us - What Do You Preserve?

What is the #WhatDoYouPreserve campaign?

Whether you’re preserving priceless historical records or your grandma’s famous chili recipe that you’ve digitized — digital preservation is important to ensure your digital images, videos, files, and more are always findable and readable.

But, what are the digital treasures that you’re taking steps to protect for the future? We want to know what you’re preserving and why it’s important to you. What kind of impact will your digital content make in the future? What is the legacy that you are preserving?

You’re invited to participate in this social media campaign running from October 16th ‑ November 2nd in honor of Archives Month. The goal of the campaign is to:

  • Celebrate archives and archivists
  • Raise awareness about digital preservation
  • Share your work

How do I participate?

You can participate by following these 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Create your post

  • Pick an image of your prized digital asset: For example, something that is:
    • visually interesting
    • rare or unique
    • relevant to contemporary social topics
    • or whatever is important to you
  • Tell us why it’s important: Write a short description (reminder: 280 characters for X) of your item and why it’s important

Step 2: Post to LinkedIn, X, or Facebook

  • Add in the hashtag: Include #WhatDoYouPreserve and other relevant hashtags, such as your organization’s hashtag.
  • Share a link: Link to your public portal if available
  • Tag in others: (Optional) tag two additional colleagues from your organization, a colleague at another organization, or a friend who you want to participate.

Here is an example post for reference:

Updates from #WhatDoYouPreserve

See what others are posting for #WhatDoYouPreserve — explore the amazing digital assets and collections that have been shared so far and become inspired to share

Make sure to follow the hashtag on social: X, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Why Digital Preservation? Why now?

We’ve all seen the horror headlines of how digital disasters and technology obsolescence continues to erode our personal, organizational and societal memory. Poignantly, just 22 years on from 911, we now know that some of the most iconic news footage of this world-changing event has been lost forever. How much of today’s digital record of the Pandemic of 2020 will be lost to us, and our children & grandchildren, looking back from 2040?